Xenia Restaurant

Xenia Hotel’s spacious and well-lighted 2nd floor restaurant serves daily buffet breakfast and weekend buffet dinners that has a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. It also serves 24/7 dining of à la carte foods that ranges from Asian to Italian to Spanish cuisine. The restaurant can seat up to 120 persons.

Cafe House

Our coffee shop offers a variety of coffee, whether iced or blended, as well as our very own milk tea and pastries. The coffee shop is accessible to guests 24/7 and is located at the 2nd floor.


Next to the restaurant is The Lounge where Acoustic Nights go live from Wednesday to Saturday nights at 7:00 pm onward. The Lounge is also free to use by guests who want to have a drink and relax.

Ristorante Al Fresco Bar

Our 4th floor Ristorante features an Al Fresco area where guests can enjoy the view of the city and Mt. Arayat and an open-air dining experience by the pool. Guests can delight in the Italian fusion menu exclusively available at Ristorante. Open daily from 5:00 pm-12:00 am.